From Stuck to Unstoppable in Midlife and Beyond

6 thoughts provoking questions to initiate your reinvention journey

Reinvent yourself – 1:2:1 Mentoring

Can you relate?

If you’re like me when I was in your shoes, you’ve ticked quite a few boxes and there are probably even more challenges that you’re struggling with.


But it doesn’t have to be like that

Imagine for a moment what your life would look like and how you would feel if you

I will help you achieve that and much more

My name is AnYes, a.k.a. The Reinvention Mentor.

I’m a Life  and Business Transformation Mentor.

I help successful female business owners in midlife who want more from life and are ready to do something about it, get a clear sense of purpose, take aligned actions and make an impact in the world while enjoying their life to the fullest.

I know how you feel, I have been in your shoes. I’ve reinvented myself four times already and have always applied to myself what I teach my clients. Yes, I walk my talk and I’m a walking example that the holistic approach that I have developed over the years actually works.

I believe that women are so much more powerful than they think they are. The women I work with are action takers. They embrace their fears and leverage them as a fuel to step into their power.

I will help you


I only take up a very limited number of one to one mentoring clients every year. My work is truly transformational and is only for you if you are determined to do what it takes to create the fulfilling business that will sustain the meaningful life you desire. The duration of a program will be 3, 6 or 9 months depending on where you’re at in your journey.


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Not sure this is for you?

Book a complimentary Discovery Consultation with me to find out if we are a good fit and which program will best answer your needs. Book this call only if you know that you are ready to invest time, money and energy to achieve the changes you want to see in your life and business.

What they say

Catherine Jordan
Art Director and Senior DesignerLondon, UK

When I reached out to AnYes, I had hit rock bottom with exhaustion and overwhelm and realised I couldn’t do it alone.
Her mentoring has impacted all areas of my life. I now have a plan for my business, a new type of client to focus on, and tripled my revenues. I have gained new skills and set up a collective that gives me the sense of community I was missing. I am being more strategic and have goals to aim for. I have learned to delegate, outsource, and break things into smaller, manageable chunks. I am now reflecting on my day and noting my achievements and challenges. I have become more aware of how I work, enabling me to shift unhelpful patterns and habits. I have stopped going around in circles and feeling stuck, which is invaluable. I have become more organised at home as well as at work. I have learned to put firmer boundaries in place, which has improved my relationships.

What makes AnYes stand out is that she is very patient and perceptive. She has provided me with careful guidance,  a roadmap for the future and a useful toolkit.

I am excited about my future. I feel stronger, more confident, happier and more fulfilled than when we started our work together.

Adelle Martin
The Executive Midlife Coach
Executive Menopause Coach – London, UK

I have been working with AnYes since February after leaving my Corporate Role to set up my own Executive Coaching Business. AnYes has been my Business and Mindset Mentor every step of the way despite the very difficult circumstances this year. I would not have been able to move my business forward as quickly and efficiently without the professional guidance and support of AnYes.

AnYes has worked in Global Corporate Roles and fully understands the challenges you can encounter, so, if you are considering leaving a Corporate Role to set up your own business, I would recommend AnYes as a Business and Mindset Mentor.

Stephanie Marco
Busy Life PA
Concierge Services – London, UK

I can’t thank AnYes enough for helping me find clarity within my business. She helped me transform myself from being “a PA” to much much more.
She listened to what I was doing and how I was doing it and she came up with my brilliant personal branding and my profile reflects all of her hard work. For such a long time I was underselling myself and attracting the wrong type of client but she’s helped me with my self-confidence and I now know exactly who I am. She’s brilliant and if you need clarity about what your goals are and how to get there AnYes is your lady. Thank you AnYes from the bottom of my heart for transforming my business and helping me believe in myself, you’re amazing!

Htet Aung
Financial Controller
(Professional Services sector)
London, UK

Prior to working with AnYes I was easily depressed and stressed. Fear was guiding my life and I could not see my future clearly. I was procrastinating a lot and was often being very indecisive. I was also quite challenged when it came to managing my team. I have worked with AnYes for three months and I’m amazed at how her mentoring has positively impacted my personal and professional life in such a short timeframe. Professionally, I no longer blame myself or stress in challenging situations. Instead, I find the source of the problems and search peacefully for solutions. I no longer procrastinate and know how to prioritise important things first so that I can get my job done efficiently. I have also improved my team management which has a positive ripple effect on our working environment.
Personally, not only have I learnt how to put my needs first, but I now also make clear decisions and have a positive outlook on my life which has completely transformed my daily life. I now am a happy human being who knows how to balance my social life and my alone time.
I highly recommend to anyone who wants clarity, confidence and feeling empowered in all areas of her personal and professional life to contact AnYes.

Susan Kench
Marshal Walker
The LinkedIn Tutors Director
LinkedIn Trainer and Coach
London, UK

AnYes’s approach is clear, pragmatic and strategic. She’s both empathetic and tough, challenging you to look realistically at your current situation and future needs, which both motivates and supports at the same time. She also offers really useful tools and ways of thinking about your life and challenges, to help move you forward and keep you on track. I got so much out of working with AnYes! Working with her changed my life and business for good.


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