From Stuck to Unstoppable in Midlife and Beyond

6 thought-provoking questions to initiate your reinvention journey

My Story

Hello, gorgeous human being,

I’m so pleased to meet you!!

My name is AnYes (with a capital Y, because I say Yes to life) …

I’ve reinvented myself multiple times and built my resilience for as long as I can remember.

Every time I encountered challenges, I came out on the other side renewed and stronger than before…

And now, as The Reinvention Mentor®, I help my clients do the same… 

I take them through the same process I keep using myself: creating a clear vision, elevating my consciousness, and staying focused and intentional daily…

This is how I help my clients create a fulfilling life and the successful business to support it (whatever success means to them), as I’ve done for myself many times over…


Like many people, I started my career working hard to climb the corporate ladder. When I looked up, I was 40 and feeling unfulfilled. I thought there had to be more to life than this. One day I came across a training about coaching and thought “that’s it”. I became an expert in mindset, self-care, personal branding, personal effectiveness, and much more while battling fears of not being enough and imposter syndrome. At 48 I started my own business, and after a few years of trial and error, I became a successful International Executive Coach.

With business success came my tendency to over-work and over-serve. At one point, I was on the brink of burning out. I had created my own rat race without realizing it. So I decided to put myself first, set boundaries, and work on shifting my level of awareness so that I could make better conscious choices. I learned to let go of control and started allowing in more support. And once again, my business became very successful.

Until it was no longer… the economy collapsed. I went nearly bankrupt without any new clients for months. During these tumultuous times, I learned to stay intentional, take daily action, and use the fear I was experiencing as fuel to bounce back. And bouncing back, I did. It took another two challenging years, but once again, I had created a successful business and great life.

But then, my personal life fell apart. I was in a toxic relationship and decided to leave it. I only had 43€ and almost 100,000€ in debt. I had to live with one of my sisters for a year. During that time, it became clear to me that this was a fantastic opportunity to revisit all my choices. I decided to step into the driver’s seat of my life to rebuild it. I moved to London at 58 with two suitcases and eight weeks of house sitting without any income or savings. Instead of taking the safe route of Executive Coaching, I decided to pursue my mission of empowering women entrepreneurs and business owners. I must admit that it hasn’t been easy. I woke up many nights with panic attacks, not knowing how I would get through the next day. But I kept moving through the fear, holding onto my faith that the Universe had my back and working toward my vision. I thought out of the box and became skilful at generating the money I needed to invest in my personal and business growth. As a result, I started to thrive again.

And now, at 66, after having spent eight years in London, I’ve decided to reinvent myself once more by moving to Croatia to embrace a slower pace of life!!!

My work is my passion. I’m helping women 50+ to bring purpose, passion and impact in their life and business. What I love most about it is that, that in doing so, we are challenging societal expectations of what the life of a woman 50+ should be. 

I believe in a New Paradigm Woman®!

She is a woman who knows that the role that is given to women in the old model of patriarchy has to change. She:

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