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Write it, See it, Do it - Turning your vision into action

"Not having a vision is like going on a long journey but forgetting to enter an address in your GPS. You could land anywhere!'

AnYes van Rhijn

Are you ready to bring purpose, passion and impact into your life and business into the next season of your life?

You know that

This is the version of you that will step into
“Write It, See It, Do It”, a 5-week online immersive course to help you design and manifest your wildest dreams through crystal clear vision and inspired action.

Write It, See It, Do It goes beyond the typical vision boarding curriculum to provide you with a roadmap, from creating the vision to manifesting it in clear, concise, and easy-to-follow steps. 

You’ll be given daily accountability to stay motivated and on task and supported through whatever may try to block your progress.

When you join, Write It, See It,  Do It, you’ll

This course is for action-takers…

Yes, you’ll be supported every step
on your journey, but you have to do the work to get results…

Are you up for the challenge?

This immersive experience is PERFECT for you if

This is NOT for you if all you want to do is make a pretty vision board because you think it’s fun or trendy but aren’t ready to do the self-reflection and work to shift your mindset and take action towards manifesting your vision…

What we will cover

Week 1

Evaluate what is working in your life and what isn’t and identify what is important to you

Week 2

Begin to “see” your vision by writing it down in full details and start collecting visuals

Week 3

Create a stunning vision board and learn the techniques to stay connected to it daily

Week 4

Build your three-year and one-year plan and identify the next 90-day goals you need to focus on

Week 5

Learn the tools to help you stay intentional and focused when life stands in the way. 

What you will get


What They Say

Enfys Maloney
Sales Trainer & Mentor  –
Bedford, UK

When I joined AnYes’ Vision course I needed to gain further clarity on where I was heading in my life and my business.
AnYes has an effortless way of bringing out your vision. I’m not quite sure how she does it, but she does!  The course has benefitted my personal life, my health and my business. I did not expect it to have such an impact. It’s been the foundation from which many good things have followed. I went from being overweight and never exercising to losing 8kg, joining an amazing fitness group and training regularly. I’ve built a new business that I’m developing with purpose and clarity. I’ve been invited to guest podcasts, group talks, new groups and collaboration opportunities. 
I would highly recommend this course to anyone in need of changing something in their life/business even when/if they’re not sure what.
I was looking for clarity and that is exactly what I got.
I look forward to working with AnYes further when the time comes. 

Anita Barzey
Founder and Tutor –
London, UK

I’m a single mother to two kids under 5, running two businesses. When I started AnYes’ course, my vision for my life had become hazy and I no longer felt that my dreams were achievable. I was struggling with self-doubt and procrastination and felt out of balance. I had no idea when I signed up for it, that this course would be so transformational! In as little as 5 weeks, I’ve started dreaming again and I know that my goals and dreams are achievable. But not only that, I’ve started manifesting also. I’ve increased my hourly rate which was accepted by all my clients without even questioning it. I’ve created an additional stream of passive income, I’ve attracted a lot of collaboration opportunities and I’ve also signed up a new client. The way AnYes gets the participants to reflect and dig deep is absolutely amazing and life-changing. I had several aha moments and for the first time in a long while, I was able to step back and be truly immersed in my vision.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to refocus, develop and/or reframe their vision. It has relighted the fire in my belly. I’m excited about the future and I now have a clear and purposeful vision and an action plan to help me achieve it.

Adelle Martin
Founder, Women in Business MidLife Club –
London, UK

Prior to attending AnYes’ Vision Programme, I had an outline for the next 5 years of my business but I was lacking the clear vision that would help me create the plan to achieve it. This course is truly one of a kind! I now not only have a gorgeous vision board that I have created using the unique software that comes with the course but I also feel totally immersed in and connected to that vision while having clear goals and a master-list of actions that will help me turn it into reality.
AnYes guides us through 5 weeks of total immersion in our vision and helps us move away from prescriptive processes and instead embrace the essence of our vision. As mine was unfolding I started feeling a little overwhelmed by the magnitude of it but AnYes provided me with personal support and helped me find the confidence and implement the practical tools to embrace the results that I had started reaping. Because, yes, only a few weeks into the course, I had already manifested some important elements of my vision and I continue to do so.

I definitely recommend this programme if you are struggling to have a clear vision. AnYes presents this programme in a unique way that has already generated results not only for me but also for the other participants.

Karolina Koza
Events Organizer – London, UK

For event organizers, 2020 was a disastrous year. I had several events canceled in March and April and I have been really stuck in self-pity followed by the fear that I wouldn’t know how to organize events online. It was a serious financial setback and my self-esteem went really low. I spent months in that state, probably very close to a proper depression, and at some point, it became obvious that I needed to get out of that, or soon I would need professional help… The timing of this course couldn’t be more perfect!  Now I feel totally re-energized. I have a clear vision not only about WHAT I want to do but also about my priorities and schedules for next year and even further in the future. The exercises AnYes gave us are very well-thought and they led me to clarity in regard to my passions, visions, and goals. At a deeper level, she made me aware of my responsibility for my life, wellbeing, and achievements. She has also provided us with amazing tools to keep us on track with our plans.

I definitely recommend the course to anyone who is not sure how to find clarity about her goals or who needs an action plan to achieve them.

Catherine Jordan
Graphic Designer – – London, UK

Before attending the Write it, See it, Do it course, I was feeling overwhelmed in many ways: not only with negative things like work-life balance, stress and fatigue but also with positive things such as the many ideas I have for my business but without having any idea how to get started or how to implement them in my already over-stretched schedule.

The visualisation techniques AnYes uses led me to uncover what I really want from my life and work and enabled me to make long-overdue decisions. With all the tools she gave us, I’m now also finding it easier to overcome the everyday difficulties that used to drag me down. Now, when I’m tired or unmotivated, I’m able to quickly reconnect to what I’m ultimately aiming for and it’s done wonders for my mood and focus. AnYes has the rare ability to help you make the connection between your big ambitions or dreams and the small practical steps you need to take to get there. 

I’ve seen real evidence that her techniques work. Since completing the course I’ve had more clarity and control over my life and work, and as a result, I’m happier and calmer.


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