From Stuck to Unstoppable in Midlife and Beyond

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Power Sessions

Whether we have just set up our business or are a seasoned business owner, there is always a moment in our journey when we are faced with challenges. Have you ever been in one of those situations?

Sometimes, all it takes is 90 minutes
of laser-focused
time with an expert to find the answers you need!

That is exactly what I can do for you! You get my undivided attention and expertise for 90 minutes and
together we tackle your challenge and turn it into the solution you were looking for.

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Happy Clients

I was in need of a business vision, so I opted to schedule a 90-minute consultation with AnYes. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing AnYes for a few years and have always been impressed by her inspirational strength. During our session she skillfully led me through some impactful exercises that shifted my perspective. I truly appreciated how AnYes helped me transform obstacles into opportunities. The Power Hour with AnYes offers a wonderful glimpse into her positive transformational coaching, leaving you feeling re-energized and re-motivated.

Alessia Civettini
Brand and Marketing Strategist, She Does It Marketing
United Kingdom

Today, I had a 90-minute Power session with AnYes van Rhijn – The Reinvention Mentor.
I wanted the session as I was not in a great place with my working life.
It was the most focused, and wonderful 90-minute session. So special and so inspirational!
I felt listened to, appreciated, and understood together with the right amount of challenge. As well as feeling incredibly empowered at the end of the session, I was given tools to help me on an ongoing basis to continue using this empowerment in my life.
I can’t recommend AnYes highly enough!

Heather Boardman
Founder and CEO, N8 Face Oil
United Kingdom
N8 Face Oil

I’m so glad that I booked a power session with AnYes!
As a working mother I often struggle with finding  the right balance in my life. 
On the day of my session I had started losing my voice and I felt very tempted to cancel the session as that felt like the easiest option. I’m so pleased I didn’t, because AnYes helped me to work through my blocks and provided me with solid strategies and helped me formulate my next steps. I can really say that it was a transformative and positive power session!
Thank you
Anita Barzey - Motivate Me Tutors

Anita Barzey
Founder and CEO, Motivate Me Tutors
United Kingdom
Motivate Me Tutors

I came to AnYes to receive support to optimise my inkedIn profile.
AnYes did an incredible job in helping me structure my ideas and present my services in a way that connects with the people I really want to work with. I’ve learned a lot fromᅠ all the knowledge, advice and information she shared with me toᅠ optimise my profile
I’m very satisfied with my new enhanced profile and I highly recommend you reach out to AnYes if you too are in need of having a profile that clearly represents your services.ᅠ

Tessia Brival
Founder and CEO, Les Petits Bellots Mini-Creche
United Kingdom
Les Petits Bellots

I’m now more focused and less distracted, thanks to AnYes!
Moving from full-time employment to self-employed, working alone from home, presented distractions and I was losing focus, running round in circles trying to please everyone.
A 90 minute Skype session with AnYes sorted all that out. She immediately identified and coached me through a simple system I could implement. I can now visualise my work priorities and stop getting involved in the non-important tasks I was previously wasting time on. Just a week in, and I’m so much more productive, disciplined and focused. AnYes also suggested a useful business tool I could use to further improve efficiency.
I reckon that was probably the most productive 90 minutes I’ve spent on my business.
If you feel distractions are keeping you from focusing on your business, talk to AnYes, she’ll sort you out!

Judi Evans
Virtual Assistant
United Kingdom
Indigo Bureau

Great power session this morning with the lovely AnYes. We discussed all things pricing related to the signature program that goes with the launch of my book. AnYes provided lots of value, advising on my funnel, live events, online coaching and more. I definitely feel more clarity around my offering after this session. I would recommend AnYes to anyone – she is super knowledgeable about building a business!

Shola Kaye
Public Speaking Coach
United Kingdom
Speak Up Like A Diva

Thank you so much for the brilliant “Power Session” to talk about finances. Coming from a non-finance background, this was so useful and helpful. I am sure your tools will help me to be a lot more efficient and productive in my work in the future.

I had a power session with AnYes today and it was excellent! The task involved a review of my brand new wedding photography website. AnYes immediately spotted what would work for my target and what needed some additional tweaks, this at all levels of the website, from the design to the content to the pricing structure. For every online page AnYes was seamlessly and promptly coming up with ideas to improve wording and visuals, and it all made sense! I cannot wait to apply the final touches and making it live! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart AnYes, I could not have chosen a better person to help with launching my new business!

Marta Demartini
United Kingdom
Marta Demartini Photography

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